A global collective which enables self-directed individuals to thrive in their pursuits, allowing these individuals to spend more time working in their pursuits, allowing these individuals to spend more time fulfilling their core-competency . As a collective we focus on big problems for social good through collaboration in small teams, multiple, self-assembled teams, form, disband, and reform around meaningful betterment.


Membership: Buy in Day!

There's been a lot of building towards this, but the buy-in date is coming soon.
Watch this space for announcement holding the information regarding the terms and membership structure that's been collectively written by participants so far!!

date TBD.

Past Events

THE MOVEMENT: First annual pitch-off

Thursday January 15
2:00PM - 5:00PM
The Center for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Ave. Toronto
4th Floor

A group of individual workers concerned with meaningful betterment have set in motion a new model which will certainly change the way they work, and could possibly change the way the rest of us do as well. On January 15th, a group of these individuals will be working at the Center for Social Innovation to define the business/social/ecological/technological model for the next year of growth.

To participate in the event, put your pitch in the pitchoff section

More information about is available at http://www.themovement.info/

The session will be broadcast at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/themovement

Join Up: December 20th

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