The Members working on this project are: behrouz hariri,

Chris Appleton :

  1. desks are the new desks again:

walls have been proclaimed as the desks of the future but with a lack of permanent wall space, its important to utilize a variety of surfaces.

the tables and surfaces in the shared area are good for sprawling out, and for just chaning up the landscape every now and then
  1. modular pieces:

things like the method cards, index cards, stickies, etc etc are great for moving around on surfaces and act as portable collections of inspiration.

keeping things small and modular helps you to easily transport ideas from one place to another, and the modularity encourages you to remain flexible and creative.

-plan for breaks:
in a shared workspace there's usually always someone working, and that helps motivate you to work too, but it can also put you in the routine of constantly working, forgetting about breaks, and burning out by the end of the day. Remembering to make use of the common areas (ie kitchen for coffees and water -1 litre of water for every coffee- the couches, library, tables, etc) and changing up the scenery every now and then helps keep you fresh and open to inspiration.

-Different spaces for different activities:

  Since we are limited to two desks, and there's often atleast 4 of us working together it is important to make the best use of the variety of spaces.

using the big common room table to do hands on work, helps keep you away from the computer (distractions, brain drain, etc)
using the board rooms for brainstorming and planning,
hot desks for programming etc etc.
different spaces offer different affordances that are best suited for qualities inherent in the tasks being performed, and helps to organize your day mentally and physically.

Andrew Mallis:

I don't actively look for inspiration from the space,
rather I look for motivation, social context and for leads on interesting things to explore.
What they're interested by often inspires me.
Ultimately, I get inspired by the people here.

The other kind of inspiration is a more solitary adventure for me.

thanks to Chris for documentation
sketches from the Dec20th session

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