THE MOVEMENT: First annual pitch-off

The Pitches

The Brief

Think about the projects that came up during the dec 20th join up event. Figure out a way to combine the ideas, or even completely new ideas. Put those ideas into a coherent pitch which will blow all other pitches outta the waters.

Components of the pitch:

The ideas involved. What is the basis of this pitch, where did the approach come from. What has been taken from December 20th, what have you built upon it.

  • Awareness. How will people find out about what we're doing. How can they get involved?
  • People. Who will be allowed in, who will be kept out. How will people apply to get in. Will there be levels of membership?
  • Funding. How will it make money. How will the network sustain itself?
  • Betterment. How will we work on betterment. How will what we're working on make the world, or our lives better?
  • Brand. How will we ensure good work that we're proud of comes out. How will it work on the individual and group level. How about quality control.
  • Teams. When will people get together and do work? How will they find each other.
  • Measurement. What will we want to measure. What will we want to improve.

…Feel free to add more components as well


  • Propose a way for these ideas to be judged and applied

The Conversations

Notes and thought from the Pitch off

The Date

Thursday January 15
2:00PM - 5:00PM
The Center for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Ave. Toronto
1st Floor

A group of individual workers concerned with meaningful betterment have set in motion a new model which will certainly change the way they work, and could possibly change the way the rest of us do as well. On January 15th, a group of these individuals will be working at the Center for Social Innovation to define the business/social/ecological/technological model for the next year of growth.

To participate in the event, put your pitch in the pitchoff section

More information about is available at

The session will be broadcast at

Production/Organization Notes from the Online Followers

  • Point the Camera at the speaker when there's a pitch taking place.
  • Have someone monitoring the chat who's in the room and can fix stuff that's broken when it's broke.
  • @jasoneano will donate a account for more reliable video hosting. We lost the feed about 10 times in a 20 minute period.
  • Be sure there is an schedule so that we know when to tune in and when to expect participate by watching the presentations vs. stepping out during group work. Start + End times also would be valuable.
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