Why a Pawn Shop May be the Best Way to Buy or Sell Your Car

Why a Pawn Shop in Pueblo, CO May be the Best Way to Buy or Sell Your Car


The secondary Auto Market is exploding with values, deals and, of course, cars. The large dealerships have access to the flood of vehicles that come off lease every day, that typically are low mileage vehicles in good condition. While that may be a plus for some buyers and sellers, there is a catch. 


The “Catch” is that dealers have a great resource for newer cars that move fast and generate sales quickly. This makes it harder for the average person who may be selling an older vehicle, or who is interested in buying one.


Trading in an older car or truck is also complicated by the fact that the dealer may not even want your car on their lot if it is an older vehicle that may need work before they can sell it. This has an impact on the value you can expect to receive from the dealer when you trade your car in, and you know this will be substantially less than what you would receive in a private transaction. An Automobile Pawn Dealer may be more open to considering a deal on an older vehicle.


Automobile Pawn Dealers also work with late model vehicles, so if you are in the market for a newer vehicle this is an option you should consider. 


Even if you decide to sell a vehicle privately, or purchase from a private seller, there are risks. Vehicle history and condition are the first concerns, and there is usually no available warranty with a private sale unless the vehicle has the remainder of a factory warranty.


While a Pawn Shop is not usually our first thought when it comes to buying or selling a car or truck, there are some important advantages to working with a reputable shop. Some pawn shops  Pueblo CO offer a unique solution. Massa Auto Pawn and Sales is a good example of a pawn business that is focused on automobile and truck sales, so unlike other pawn shops that deal with an endless variety of goods, Massa Auto Pawn and Sales is dedicated to the Automobile business. Visit http://www.massapawn.com/Their website for details and inventory. They sell just about anything with 2 to 4 wheels or more including RVs, Trucks, and motorcycles.


When working with a Pawn Dealer, you have several options as a seller. One is to sell your car outright and get cash the same day. Another option is to use your car for collateral to obtain a loan. Pawn dealer loans have the advantage that no credit history is required. Your vehicle,  with a clear title, is all the collateral that is needed. There is a one time fee for the transaction, and you have 30 days to pay back the loan plus the fee. You then have the option to let the shop keep your car, or renew the term for another 30 days.


For buyers, this is a great way to view a broad selection of vehicles in one location. There are many reputable pawn shops Pueblo CO. that will give you an honest report on the vehicle’s condition and history. If you are buying a newer vehicle, you may be able to purchase a warranty from a third party provider. Financing is also an option available through some automobile pawn dealers so this becomes a one-stop shopping experience.

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