What Should Divorce and Family Solicitors Should Be Doing and When?

Practicing law is not an art and not really a science either but divorce and family solicitors know this already. Your lawyer should be doing some things for you and this guideline gives you a glimpse at that.

  1. They should have a plan for the case

Your attorney should have a master plan for the case and follow it. Here should be a schedule for meetings, drafting documents and filing papers. The lawyer cannot predict how everything will go but there should be a general idea of the process and how to handle different scenarios.

  1. They should request financial documents

Your family solicitors like family law Monroe NC should request your partner’s financial documents early in the case. This way, they know what is to be divided and how.

  1. They should get documents for financial benefits

If your spouse has employee benefits or a pension, the lawyer should get copies of this agreement and supporting documentation going back a few years. This will help in the financial aspect of the case.

  1. Assess the need of experts in the case

Business appraisers and forensic accounting might be required to bring more clarity into the case. Your domestic lawyer should involve them where necessary.

  1. Inform the opposite side of willingness to negotiate

Your lawyer should inform your partners lawyer of your willingness to negotiate and listen to other reasonable proposals for settlement out of court. The door should always be open to settlements.

  1. Respond to calls and letter promptly

Your domestic adviser should respond promptly and relay all information to you as quickly as possible. Don’t bombard them with calls, only reach out when you have important concerns.

  1. Interview witnesses if a trial is eminent

If the case is obviously heading to trial, your lawyer should arrange and interview necessary witnesses with your input. All witnesses should be given notice before the court date and be prepared for it too.

  1. Prepare you for trial

If the case is going to trial, your familial attorney should prepare you. They should cross-examine you, ask questions and even take a trip to the courthouse before time. Some lawyers tell their clients how to dress to court on trial day.

  1. Inform you if the law supports your situation through the case

No good lawyer will assure you of certain victory, but they can tell you if the law supports your position at all points of the case. They can, and should tell you what is likely to happen through the case.

  1. Provide sound advice in case of defeat

In case there are defeats during the trial or the entire case ends in a defeat, your family attorney should give good advice concerning trial considerations or appeal.


Having the services of lawyers is not just another formality. They should be capable of completing certain tasks on your behalf and be able to do them on time. This guideline shows what family solicitors should do for you and when they should be doing it.