Tourism Spots of the Great Thousand Islands Indonesia

Thousand Islands are one of the great tourism destinations in Indonesia. Its natural attraction always succeeds to steal the attention of visitors since it is so much beautiful. If you are already accustomed to see the beauty of eastern islands in Indonesia, the view will not be disappointing you. So, if you think you are ready to go to this destination next vacation, you have to know first what spots that you can visit easily. Let’s take a look on some islands that provides more tourism experience with natural attraction.

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If you are the real explorer, you might not miss the visit on these islands below.

  1. Tidung Island. It is one of the best islands that are very much popular. To come and see the islands, there will be a huge single bridge that connects your way to each island. Some people in Indonesia also call it as ‘JembatanCinta’ or the bridge of love. It is because the place is also romantic where you can see the clear blue sea water around you. Many tourism tours are also offered by local people. You might explore more about the island and take the tour.
  2. For those who seek the more serene surrounding with blue sea water, the Bira Island is the best place to go. It is included as one of the islands in Thousand Islands Jakarta that are rarely visited by the visitors. It can be stated that this island is still new to know especially for general natural attraction. To go to this island, you need to take your way first to Pramuka Island. After that, you need to go to Muaraangke for 3 hours. Do not worry of being exhausted because the destination later will pay it off as the best place you have ever visited.
  3. If you try to find the place to make a wish in relaxing atmosphere, Harapan Island is the answer. This is where you can find a perfect bridge on the top of sea and sit over here with relaxing surrounding. This island is also popular with its coral. The beautiful coral life is lying under the water. It makes the visitors do not want to leave this place so soon, since it makes the right time to enjoy.
  4. If you like a great view with some traditional cottage, you can come and visit Ayer Island. The location is not far from Ancol Jakarta. In this island you will see many cottages with Papuan style and décor that makes the visit more interesting. Moreover, you can see many big lizards living around the island.

From some points above, you can decide to which island you will spend your vacation. For the better experience, why don’t you try more than a place? It makes more experiences and memories to remember. So, what are you waiting for? Just make a plan to Thousand Islands tourism Jakarta and find the right island to spend your long vacation with the family.