Tips to launching your first PR campaign

Reputation is everything in a business. Effective public relations campaigns give you the opportunity to take control of the image you communicate to your audience.

Drive your first PR campaign to success with these tips from the public relations team at Adoni Media.

  1. Know your outcome

Determine the goal of your PR campaign before you start. A PR campaign can achieve many things from increasing the size of your audience reach to boosting sales. Make sure your target goals are SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

This gives you a focussed metric to measure your success.

  1. Know your audience

Before you decide how you are going to distribute media releases and story pitches, you need to know who you want to receive it. Knowing your audience will influence the type of message you create, its delivery and which media to target. Be specific when it comes to defining your audience, by creating focussed customer personas that clearly outline their needs and wants.

  1. Find your creative angle and choose the right platform

It is important to choose the right platform to effectively reach your customer personas. Do they prefer radio or TV? A media release or a press conference? This information is vital to the success of your campaign. As for finding your creative angle, think from the public’s perspective – why should they care about your business?

  1. Write an excellent media release and distribute

To ensure your media release will be picked up by a journalist, make sure it is less of a promotional pitch and more newsworthy. Include relevant quotes that can easily be used as sound bites and include the information the journalist will need to write the story. Take time to research specific journalists that will be interested in your media release. By contacting specific journalists and following up with an email or call, you are already starting to build strong relationships with journalists that may compel them to write about your business again in the future.