Taman Sari, the Yogyakarta’s Royal Garden

Yogyakarta Sultanate has many interesting places to explore. Many people understandably would go to the Royal Palace (Keraton) to learn about the rich heritage of the Sultanate. You’ll see a lot of relics there. A different sight could be found when you are visiting the bathing area for the queens, princesses, and concubines of the Sultans at Taman Sari (Water Castle). It was constructed in the middle of the eighteenth century. Below are a few of the attractions you can find in Taman Sari of Yogyakarta.

Umbul Pasiraman

This is undoubtedly the most popular attraction in Taman Sari. This is the exact bathing place for the queen, concubines, and princesses. The high walls are built to protect the privacy of their royal family.

Pulo Kenongo

This is a man-made island at the middle of a man-made lake. A mansion was on the island, that was the tallest building in the city. Alas, natural disasters destroyed them, and we can see its own ruins.

Subterranean Mosque

Another unique place in this complex is that the underground mosque. To reach this mosque, you’ll need to climb several flights of five stairs down. There is all joined to be an aesthetically pleasing view, a well called Sumur Gumuling that has an oculus for natural light.

Gedhong Gapura Panggung

Even the gate of the garden can also be beautiful and instagrammable. Two dragons are facing each other at every side of the gate as if to guard the doorway. The entrance is adorned with many beautiful ornaments. You can find even more intricate patterns on the wall.

Pulo Cemethi

This is another island on this particular water castle. True to its name, this is when he is faced with decisions to make the place where the Sultans meditate. This island is the location where his Generals and the Sultans prepare warfare strategies, cleanse their sacred krises, and maintain their war regalia. You need to walk through an underground tunnel to achieve this island.

Gedhong Temanten

Gedhong Temanten is your guard posts found in the front of the gate. These two small buildings are where the guards are posted with a little room with a seat. They’re known as Gedhong Temanten (bride and groom building) since they look similar. These buildings are the ticket booth Now.

Though Taman Sari was created for the Javanese royal family, the architecture was influenced by the foreign style, especially the Portuguese one. If you come with an expectation of visiting classic and prime Javanese architecture, you’d be surprised because this backyard is considerably more than that.