Street Foods That You Shouldn’t Miss While You’re in Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta has many street foods that are unique and not found in any other places in Yogyakarta. While you are in the city, discover these street foods that you shouldn’t miss in Yogyakarta.

Rujak Ice Cream

Most of you might have consumed Rujak in Southeast Asian nations, but have you ever heard of Rujak with ice-cream? The fresh fruits are spiced to perfection and submerged with a sour and sweet concoction, topped with homemade ice-cream. And if you are accustomed to the spiciness of Indonesian dishes, you can eat the Rujak ice cream like the natives by tossing in a spoon of sambal! Yes, ice cream and sambal — who knew it was a match? So it is chilly, sour, salty, hot and sweet! There are several Rujak ice-cream vendors scattered around Yogyakarta city. Ask the local, and they will lead you to the best stall in the block! You won’t be able to resist having a bowl if you like that hot, tangy and refreshing flavor!

Kue Leker Pak Yo

This delicacy that is candy your kids excited and will get you! Similar to the very famous crepes that are roadside of Thailand, Kue Leker is your Indonesian edition that is crispy. Though locals usually opt for banana chocolate, you can choose your fillings!

In Pak Yo’s stall, the Kue Leker is cooked on charcoal — you won’t find any modern technology or an electric stove, and this is what truly makes it unique, together with the authentic old-time Jogja vibe. Nostalgia at a bite! The crepe is served with the warm vanilla aroma and soothing banana and chocolate scent. We would definitely have this at tea time! Select different fillings — besides banana chocolate, if you are keen to do it differently, there’s also blend and match between banana, cheese, and milk, or cheese and condensed milk!

Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi

Another drink that looks like a dessert — it is served warm and made from soft creamy peas in ginger water and syrup similar to Wedang Ronde. However, there aren’t any glutinous rice balls. Sweet, but texture’s mix is appreciated by everyone! The beverage is generally enjoyed as a body warmer throughout the rainy season and is enjoyed early morning or at night; arrive as soon as possible as the booth is only open till sold out (usually within 1.5 hours!)

Angkringan Kopi Jos Lek Man

A little anxious about charcoal on your coffee? Don’t be! It will be a fascinating experience to order the signature coffee at Kopi Jos. While your coffee is served to appear as dark as ever, it’s also dunked with burning red hot charcoal cubes. Let it sizzle in — this is supposed to help neutralize the acidity in your coffee. When it has fizzled, eliminate the charcoal, and you are all set with an odd java fix.