How to Sell Used Maruti Car at Higher Price

There are a lot of sources available today to sell your used Maruti car. However, you can find it hard to get a higher price for your used car. It may not be that simple to sell your used car above your asking price. But it is not impossible as well.

Here are a few tips that can help you sell your used Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 in Bangalore at a higher price.

Understand the Business Model

Who is helping you sell your used car matters a lot because their business model will affect your car’s price. If you are going to work with an authorized dealer then he may purchase your car at a lower price from you. Here you may not pay any transaction fee. However, the dealer will then make profit by selling your car at a higher price. Similarly, a freelance dealer may not purchase your car but may change you a transaction fee. Thus, he would try to get the highest possible amount for your car because it can increase his takeaway.

Prepare the Car

You need to prepare your car externally and internally for sale. You should get it serviced and repaired before the buyer sees it. Ensure the insides of the car are also cleaned up and there is not foul smell left in the car.

Keep Service History Handy

Keep the service records and maintenance receipts of the car handy to show to the buyer. This will make his feel that your car has been looked after pretty well.

Set Realistic Asking Price

Do not inflate your asking price just because you expect the buyer to bargain. Keep it realistic and the buyer would agree to it. You should be in a position to justify your asking price if needed.