Be creative when taking a shot of water

Water photography is a unique and interesting style of photography. Photographers try to capture the beauty of water in various forms. Water photography requires high creativity level. You can capture water in your camera either at your home or in serene outdoor. Backdrop and surface is the most important thing when you are photographing water indoor. Get more information on water photography through this link

Tips for water photography

  • Source: For water photography, the most important thing is water and its source. You can click photos of beach water, droplets of water, fountain, etc. The photographer can even click pictures of water inside the house by using water from tab or tub.
  • Background: While photographing water droplets you should try using colorful background. Use colors that can make your subject stand out. Preferably use of a dark background.
  • Mode: Water is one subject that should be photographed using shutter priority mode. Manual mode can also be used depending on your precision with it. In manual mode use aperture of f/4. Use of speedy shutter determines that the action can be stopped.

Photography ideas for water photography

  • Water drop photography: This is one water photography which you can experiment at home. It is a form of macro photography. Try clicking pictures of a water droplet with off-camera flash. You can use colorful backgrounds to make them more appealing.
  • Freezing object photography: You can use freezing objects in a creative way for your water photography. As ice is transparent, you can see the object. In this type of photography, lighting is most important to make photo lively.
  • Splash water photography: When water comes in contact with any object with force a splash is created. To capture the details of water splash you need to use fast shutter speed. You can usedifferent colors as background that can increase the beauty of the water splash.