3 Tips to Get Better Price for Used Car Online

Today India has already set its foot on the digital journey. The youth of the country is already quite tech savvy and has easily embraced the digital lifestyle. They are not just limited to the social networking that they do. They have also started buying a lot of things online. This includes a used car as well.

There are digital marketplaces out there that let you sell your used car online. They help you connect with a person who wants to buy a used car online Bangalore. Finding a buyer for used car is not a problem anymore. What really matters is getting a good price. Here are 3 tips that can help you make a killing when selling your used car online.

  • Proper Inspection Certificates

Every buyer that you encounter is going to ask about the condition of your car. Just saying that it is in good condition is not going to be enough. You would have to prove it. So, get your car inspected at a reputed service center – preferably the car brand’s own service center – and get the inspection certificate.

  • Keep Service Records Handy

Show your service records to the interested buyer to prove that you have always had it serviced on time. Any parts that have been replaced over the time will also be mentioned in these records. This proves that your car has had a good life so far.

  • Present Original Documents

Show the receipts of the taxes that you have pad, the insurance premium that you have paid, and the original registration book. This will prove that you are the true owner of the car. This will also prove that the car does not have any hidden financial overheads that you may be hiding.