11 Wedding Menu Planning Tips From Experts

Planning a wedding is a tough ordeal especially because it is an event that you really want to be as perfect as possible. Making sure that the wedding reception experience goes smoothly is what most companies that provide catering Herndon VA try to aim for. The most reputable ones always have the best portfolio when it comes to weddings.

If you are thinking of menu selections for your wedding menu, you should take a look at the tips from different experts. Keep them in mind when planning for the wedding menu so you have a better grasp of what to choose.

  1. Work with dietary restrictions in mind

By collecting any dietary restrictions of the guests, you will be able to create a wedding menu that everyone can enjoy for the wedding reception. The best way to do this is when they RSVP.

  1. The guests are going to be standing

It’s hard to work with food that you have to constantly balance while you are standing. Choose to go with finger foods that guests can easily take a bite out of while they communicate with other guests.

  1. Don’t forget to add a personal touch

Is there a food or beverage that the couple considers as their favorite? Try to include it in some way in the wedding menu to make it one of the highlights.

  1. Keep the venue in mind

Before proceeding with the wedding menu, there should always be a review of the equipment required because the venue might not be able to accommodate all of them.

  1. Always bring up the budget

While planning the wedding menu, you are going to be tempted to get only the best because it’s a special day. Try to stay within the budget.

  1. Serving the meal

There are different ways to serve a meal: buffet, family style, and other ways. Knowing your guests will help you better decide the best method.

  1. Saving money with rentals

If you want to save money with the rentals, you can get some glassware that comes in bundles. This will help with your effort to cut costs on rentals tremendously.

  1. Serve only for those who will show up

It should be a priority to ensure that all the guests are able to eat and drink for the wedding reception. However, serving should be an efficient process.

  1. Buffets can cut costs on staff

Companies that provide catering Herndon VA may add more to the quote if they notice that you are opting for a sit-down dinner. A buffet might help reduce costs.

  1. Seasonal food and drinks

Going with seasonal selections for the wedding menu can help with cutting costs while still being able to serve the best food because they are going to be fresh.

  1. The stars of the event

Understand that the guests didn’t show up to the wedding just because they wanted to see the menu. Don’t stress over the wedding menu too much and go with the flow.

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